Individual Therapy

Through Individual sessions, our therapists will meet with you regularly one on one to develop a custom treatment plan. Our reliable and relatable therapists will support you in exploring feelings, early life experiences, and any personal difficulties you are currently facing.  We will empower you with the tools and support you need so you can resolve your concerns, gain confidence and break free from negative behavioral and thought patterns.


Give us a call at 470-222-3671 or click the link in the top right corner to schedule a free consult.


Based on your needs, we’ll match you with the right therapist for you. We will talk to you through phone or email to make sure you feel completely comfortable before your first session. 


Starting from your first appointment you’ll be given the tools and resources you need to live the life you want to live.

Couples Counseling

Relationships take consistency, communication, and compassion to work. But sometimes life events, negative cycles, and miscommunication can get in the way of having the relationship you desire.  Our Marriage and Family Therapist has specific training in Couples Therapy and I can help you understand your relationship, appreciate each others’ needs, teach you new couple skills, and how to use them to accept differences and solve problems to make your relationship more satisfying.  I accomplish this by helping couples of all types communicate better, respect and accept difference, and learn to confidently solve problems together. If you are a couple, whether married or unmarried, preparing for marriage, considering marriage or not considering marriage, newlywed, engaged, dating, same-sex, cohabiting, divorced, separated, or considering divorce, I can help. We are also proud to offer sex therapy for our couples or individuals struggling with sexual health concerns. 

Premarital Counseling

YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED… CONGRATS! We know you’re planning a wedding, but it’s also a great time to plan your marriage! Premarital counseling can help partners have a strong and healthy relationship by improving communication skills, developing conflict-resolution skills, setting realistic expectations for marriage, eliminating dysfunctional behaviors, and understanding how cultural issues affect a relationship and many more.

Using The Gottman Relationship Check Up, I can help you and your future spouse to build a strong foundation for a healthy and stable marriage.

Family Counseling

Though we move through the world as individuals, we typically operate as one integral piece of a family system. Every family experiences seasons where a little extra support may be needed. During big or small life changes, growing children, blending families, or managing the impact of individual struggles – family therapy can help. Each member of your family has a unique temperament, experiencing different challenges and strengths. Our main goal is to create a safe space for each person to communicate and feel not only heard, but understood. If your family is navigating a life transition (death, divorce, moving), struggling with parenting issues, or needs help reconnecting, family therapy can be just what you need.



 At The Bloom Wellness and Therapy Center, we deeply believe in community and de-stigmatizing mental health issues. which is why we offer workshops in person and online. Some workshops are one session and will teach you about a specific topic such as boundaries, trauma or grief.


We work with children of all ages and offer expertise in individual child therapy as well as parenting consultations regarding a wide range of developmental, social/emotional and behavioral issues.

Counseling can be a safe environment for children and adolescents to learn effective skills as they age before patterns are established in adulthood. Through development and more demanding experiences, some children and teens experience emotions with more intensity and/or reactivity than others. They learn from their previous experiences and behaviors and find ways to manage their emotions that may not be helpful long term. Our awesome Therapists work with children on a variety of difficulties including attention and hyperactivity disorders, anxiety, depression, disobedience, aggression, adjustment to divorce, blended-family problems, social skills and problems at school. Individual therapy with children offers the opportunity to discuss problems one-to-one with a therapist. Sessions may be supplemented with activities and play materials. Discussions and activities are based on the age and developmental level of the child.

Video Counseling


If you’re an existing client, or a new client interested in video sessions – let us know! We are proud to offer HIPPA compliant video counseling sessions for those unable to visit our office. Online counseling either through phone or video allows you to have therapy without the everyday hassle of trying to fit it in.


Whatever you want to have, become, or choose to bring into your life is directly tied to what you “do” everyday! It’s the ‘doing’ (or the non-doing) part that dictates what we manifest in our lives.  Your behavior is the primary indicator of your present and your future life and Life Coaching is all about realigning your behavior and creating new results.

Corporate Coaching + Wellness

We partner with other businesses and organizations in the community who desire to educate their communities or business on various mental health + mindset topics. Our coaching and wellness workshops are designed to help your employees learn actionable strategies to manage anxiety, decrease stress, improve conflict resolution, and common behavioral health and well-being concerns.

Discussion groups and coaching led by The Bloom Wellness and Therapy Center professionals allow your team members to discuss challenges, work toward solutions, and get support from professionals in the behavioral health and overall wellness.

If you would like to have us come speak at your organization, please contact us at 470-222-3671 or so we can discuss your needs and workshop rates.

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Moandra Johnson, MFT “The Love Doc”

Moandra Johnson

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Have you experienced a trauma and are having difficulty bouncing back? Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Each of us have unique perspectives, strengths, and goals. At times, we also face challenges and pain that can cause us to lose sight of hope and struggle to find strength, direction, and healing. In helping you process your individual stories, I utilize creative approaches to allow for both verbal and nonverbal insights. I also utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to address how emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are impacting your present experience.

Moandra Johnson, MFT “The Love Doc”


Bachelor of Psychology from The Clark Atlanta University

Master of Education in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on Sex Therapy from University of Pennsylvania


I am certified to officiate weddings.