What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is unique because you and a small group of people struggling with similar issues get to meet with a therapist together. This provides an opportunity to not only share your experience, but to hear others’ as well. Group therapy is also a great way to receive gentle feedback in ways that individual therapy does not offer. Group therapy aims to reduce isolation and increase relatedness. Helping others is a powerful way to heal the self. Being part of a group therapy in Atlanta can make you feel less alone and help you feel more connected to others in your city.

Is Group Therapy Right for You?

There are many reasons people seek out group therapy. Within a safe and supportive group setting, the therapist can observe the subtle ways in which people interact or relate to others. With individual therapy, this is not as easily accomplished as the therapist can only go into the client’s world without ever seeing another side of the situation.

Benefits of group therapy include:

  • Provides extra support that individual therapy cannot
  • Helps promote social skills
  • More affordable than individual therapy
  • Help you understand yourself better

What to Expect in Group Therapy?

There are a variety of issues that can be right for group therapy. We can help you decide which weekly group is right for you during your free 15-minute phone consultation. BLOOM WELLNESS CENTER’s groups change depending on the needs of the multicultural communities we serve. The groups we currently provide address a diversity of issues that people struggle with.

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